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Testimonial from my student

My paid class student MANDAVI says -

  1. "Felt nice to hear from u directly after a long time Sir. Will pray for your good health and

well being.

As the content of A6 batch is already uploaded by you, I want to express that what you have provided is a real gem. I could have never thought, that subjects like geography and pub ad can also be this much interesting until I watched your videos in this batch. You instill immense confidence among your students with your unique guidance. I still haven't finished watching all the videos, but feeling gifted to find a teacher like you who have unfolded the complications of learning and strengthened the belief that 'intellectualism' is way beyond earning worldly titles. I am preparing myself to do my bit of responsibilities towards the world around me, so that one day I can also be proud of reflecting your teachings in my personality.

You taught me to stand on my feet, I just wish that the day when I start running, I can get the opportunity to touch ur feet and get ur blessings.

Aap khush rahiye Sir, sar pe aapka hath hota hai to bahut himmat milti hai.


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